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Hiya!!! :D

Alright so i'm trying to eat less, and i started my diet 2 days ago. Last night i decided to have some corn chips and pop. (Not health, i know) and i took two handfulls, ate em, had some pop, and felt SO FULL. it was SOOO weird! I've never felt full from 2 handfuls of corn chips. Wack. I kept eating hte chips anyway until i felt like i was gonna puke em up...which i acutally tried doing. I couldn't. I just can't do what purgers do...i guess i'm thankful for that. :) 
Ummm what else? Some bitch from physics started saying shit about me RIGHT in front of me!! It was unbelievable. She's like 'So I LOVE how one person in our group hasn't done ANYTHING all year!" and i didnt say anything abck...because it was true. I hate making excuses but i'm ridiculously shy!! It's hard for me to work in groups. I LOVE working alone though. Ugh. Only 9 more weeks of the labs...:( 
Anyway, life's going good besides physics and the dieting...well. Dieting is going good too but i really wish i didnt eat the chips yesterday. Oh well, lesson learned. :3