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oh what a nighttt do do dooo doo dododododooooooooooo

so ive been noticing that i havent been snacking a whole lot the past few days, which is awesome. :) 
I did eat a 500 calorie rabbit today though >.<
anddd. hm what else did i snack on? 
3 reeses pieces...i would like to say thats it
for meals i had a 220 oatmeal to go bar thingy for breakfast, bolgona sandwich (400 cal) for lunch...2 glasses of chocolate milk...and then pasta and 2 buttered rolls for dinner.

i'm quite proud of myself.
idk if im losing weight though.
it dun feel like i am :( 
i think im actually gaining weight, which scares me.
my biggest fear is that i'mma find myself in size 20 or some shit and be looking bakc and going "Fuck i really messed it all up".
ya know? like i never noticed that i gained weight until i get to the extreme.
I need a miracle.