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So I'm a genius rite? xD

I've been researching diet pills and whatnot...and I've wanted to buy some from the grocery store. LIke herbs or something that replaces em...or hydroxycut but the store doesnt sell it i think. I've driven past the store twice...actually went IN the store (I needed to pick up some stuff for my rents for the bbq tonight) and i chickened out each time...I guess I feel like I'm gonna be judged...or my parents will see my car at the store and be "What were you at the store for?" Idk. I'm too paranoid x.x Maybe when I hang out with a friend next weekend I'll get some. I can hide it in my purse.

Anyway, so earlier today I decided to put a hairband around my arm to the point where my thumb and index finger can't wrap around it anymore. Like it's max point. It's a dumb idea...but I'll find out in a week whether I've gotten skinnier or not. xD

Oh, and I also decided to just totally cut out breakfast and lunch.
And I've skipped my period for two months. I haven't eaten out of the ordinary. And I certainly have not had sex! My friend said wait til next month and if i dont get it then get some birth control pills.
Ugh fuck that.
I'm never gonna get a husband, or have kids, or have sex.
So why would I care whether I skipped a couple of periods?
One less thing to worry about lololol? 

Anyway, off to...idk. Do something productive? Ha. Probably not.