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Mar. 3rd, 2009


I found an AMAZING song and it just makes me SO FREAKING HAPPY <3 (Look on the music i'm listening t o) 
so. life is good i figured out xD And imma exercise..and then take a shower, and not pig out tonight!!!! :) 

Feb. 25th, 2009


So because my friend was deciding to not have fast food because it was lent, we didn't go to arby's. We went to a resurant in town. I had a cheeseburger and fries. Well...3/4 cheeseburger and 2 glasses of pepsi. No, not diet pepsi.
So i probalby had 1000 calories. Which is okay since that is the only thing i ate today.
I went on the eliptical trainer again for 20 minutes and burned 110 calories. Not a lot compared to how much i consumed but I'm just taking baby steps. :) 

Feb. 24th, 2009

Been a super long time! 130.2

I just looked on the dreaded scale which i haven't in a long time. I was anticipating the high 30's or low 40's even. I was happily surprised! 
It's always been a tradition for me and my friend to go to Arby's after our weekly choir rehearsal after school. (We have to sing in a big church in about a month, so extra rehearsals are needed.)
I used to order a regular fry, a reg. roast beef, and have 2 trips to the soda fillup thingy. (Pepsi, always)
Now i need to change, because i'm tired of wearing hoodies....i wanna be able to show off my body without feeling my tummy busting out. :( 
So! I'm changing that. I ran on the eliptical trainer for 20 minutes. went a little over half a mile and burned 103 calories! n.n
Been a long time since i've exercised lol.
I decided tomorrow for Arby's i'm going to order a regular roast beef sandwich and drink a diet pepsi.

Jan. 23rd, 2009

Scratch that.

I'm officially 129. x.x
How freaking depressing.
Come on come on. I NEED SOMETHING ...to freaking distract myself with x.x

10 minutes on the eliptical

and let me tell you...pure. HELL. xD
it was in uphill mode...and i did some like crazy sprints throughout the ten minutes.
I burned 50.2 calories...i was acutally shooting for 40..but then im like 'ah fuck that, go for the 50' xD
Not a lot..but later i will do some ddr.
and my fingers are like super numb...idk why. :/ ohwell.
I burned some calories..that's all that matters. xD 


That's what I weighed in the morning...and if in the morning you're lightest, then I gotta go burn some calories. xD 
I'll probably post later to tell you how it all went =) 

Jan. 22nd, 2009

I need something that will work for me...

Goddamn my left upper chest hurts like HELL. D: It's like throbbing...idk. Probably clogged arteries from all that fast food. Ugh =( I'm gonna exercise. Yes DDR is wonderful, but there's an eliptical
trainer in the basement which hasn't been used by ANYONE in god knows how long. :/ I'll start using that more..and still eat less. Water I love. My mom bought me juice the other day...I haven't drank any of it so far =( 
Finally back on track (Or so i hope). I have an hour to weigh in. Until then, I'll just look up pictures and whatnot which inspire me...

I was about to give up...

But I saw these thinspos on youtube...man did THAT get me going xD 
I love ddr <3 xD 

Ugh Fail. =(

I had a waffle, 2 hard shell tacos and a thing of cinamon twists, 2 cups of pepsi, and a peanut butter hurricane from handel's. x.x And some goldfish pretzels.
Whenever i'm with friends i cant not eat lol.
:/ fuck.

Jan. 21st, 2009

So I weighed myself...

after i took a shower.
I was 127.4.
Earlier i was wondering whether to eat these goldfish pretzels...you can eat 48 of em and they'd be likea hundred something calories.
Which is pretty damn good compared to regular pretzels.
ANYWHO after seeing that weight i decided not to...and I'm hoping that biggest losers was moved back to today. I'm hoping. And if not, there's american idol tryouts.
I have government to study during the commercials and a cheat sheet to fill out.

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