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Alright so I went to a site some chick on this site linked to, and i found out that if I only eat 500 calories a day, (With my usual ddring) I can be 117 by the end of may/beginning of june.
Which would be super sweet.
Not as low as I want but that's alright!! :D 
By July 4th (My FAVORITE holiday!! :D I love summer <3) I should be in the low 100's.
Man I'm frekaing excited.
Hopefully that will give my motivation.
Today I failed because i found money in my bookbag and so i just HAD to buy a malley's chocolate bar x.x (310 cals) I pigged out a lot today too bahhhh.
Anyways bedtime i geuss? Acutally I have a math test to study for.
I'll post again tomorrow night. (Hopefully!!) 


Uhhh I wouldn't trust those things too completely because one time one said that I would be 0pounds in 2years If I had 200calories a day.. So idk lol...
eh it gives me hope
Especially now because i'm doing horrible in school and i just need something good in my life. x.x